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Tales of a Mommy's Sippy-Cup
- Tips for Moms on Keepin' It Real

Equipped with a sippy-cup tip at the end of each tale, Haddock makes clear that fellow mama warriors are not alone in this insane universe called motherhood.

Tales of a Mommy's sippy-cup
- Tips for Moms on Keepin' It Real

ME Haddock

M.E. Haddock

- Wife
- Mother
- Bestselling author

M.E. Haddock is a wife, stay-at-home mother and bestselling author residing in New Jersey with her husband of twelve years and their four young boys. She is a certified teacher with a Master’s Degree from Rutgers University, who founded and operated her own pre-school before deciding to focus more on home life.

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The Many Moons of Mia Maloney

Wife and mother Mia Maloney appears to lead a charmed life. Married to a successful man who absolutely adores her, given every comfort a stay-at-home mother could dream of, Mia appears to be the pillar of perfection. However, little do her neighbors know that Mia has a dark past she keeps hidden...


Mia, Mia, On The Wall

Could you keep moving forward while being pulled back to your beginnings?

Mia awakens to find herself in the hospital. She barely survived the car accident, but she can’t escape visions of her dead Father, nor the claim by her Mother’s first husband that he is in fact her biological Father – not the man who raised her. Would Mia look at her troubled past differently now?

Yet, this isn’t the only difficulty Mia’s forced to confront. Her Mother, still resenting Mia for running away from home, has no choice but to move into Mia’s home – a home she has tried to keep as a safe haven for herself, her husband and her four boys. She resolves to keep an open-mind, and welcomes her Mother with open arms. Soon, however, she notices odd behaviors displayed by her Mother - behaviors that convince Mia there might be deeper-rooted concerns she never expected she’d have to deal with.

Overwhelmed, Mia tries desperately to deal with periods of constant sadness and anxiety, but to no avail. When she begins to sense someone is following her, terror consumes her daily life as she constantly looks over her shoulder to calm her fears. Is Mia being pursued by a predator determined to destroy her? Or has paranoia entered Mia’s life - another issue she’ll be forced to face head on as she stares into that never-forgiving mirror.

Mia, Mia, On The Wall is the second book in the Trilogy of Mia Maloney series which continues to explore life, loss, and what it means to keep moving forward.

Coming in January 2018!